meet the team

Lee Mayer

lee mayer

ceo & co-founder

Lee is a Denver resident who misses the East Coast (more specifically, NYC). She was formerly a VP at Bankrate, a consultant at Bain, and worked in strategy and corporate dev. at Canon. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated from Columbia University.

Lee is the shortest member of the Havenly team (clocking in at an impressive five feet-and-three-quarters-inches) but has more parking tickets than the rest of the team combined. She loves wine, fatty meats, and karaoke (not always together), finds inordinate joy in setting people up, and is most often found wearing tween friendly clothing.

Lee Emily Motayed

emily motayed


Emily grew up in the suburbs of DC (with Lee!), but is currently a nomad hauling her large collection of 4.5" heels between NYC and Philadelphia. She was formerly at American Express and Huron Consulting Group. Emily has a B.A. from Vanderbilt University and is attending the Wharton School of Business.

She seems very smiley but hates lots of things including: camping, ketchup, Toyota Priuses, those green kale juices, eggs, and everything else. Things she likes include: mini bottles of flavored vodka, the Domino's pizza tracker app, and free soft t-shirts.

Jessie Dixon

jessie dixon

coo & co-founder

Jessie is returning to her Colorado roots, having spent time in California leading merchandising & strategy at, and in Chicago, getting her MBA from Kellogg.

Jessie may be the resident e-commerce expert on the team, but she secretly wishes she could be a professional organizer. Besides making sure that Havenly stays on track, she spends her time teaching Lee how to sale shop, and playing with her two adorable (and redheaded!) kids.

Shelby Girard

gabe hesse


Gabe is a Montana native that made it to the 'big city' of Denver, CO. He previously led technology at Welltok, Netquote, Bankrate (after the acquisition), and worked at Microsoft.

Gabe is Havenly's resident technology nerd, the first to try out any new tech gadgets (taking one for the team!), has a brand new adorable son, and loves pugs.

Shelby Girard

shelby girard

design operations

Shelby is a Chicago native by way of St. Louis and NYC. She worked in residential interior design before joining Havenly. She has a BA from NYU and her Masters in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design.

She enjoys antique shopping and fancy cocktails with equally fancy names. Shelby has redecorated her apartment approximately 28.35 times in the past year- her boyfriend got in the way of #24, but she continues to plan out her next two revisions.

Ninnah Hart

ninnah hart


Ninnah joins the Havenly team after having spent time directing development at another local area start up. Ninnah runs our technology team and is responsible for creating the Havenly product.

Ninnah loves Italian Greyhounds, of which she has two, and South Park. She's also a talented home brewer, and is currently brewing a batch of delicious cream stout (she might share some with you if you're really nice).

 Adam Greenbaum

adam greenbaum


Adam spends his days spreading the Havenly gospel across the internet. When he’s not at work, Adam can be found hiking with his Boston Terriers, working out, or most likely eating a plate of food that’s meant for seventeen people.

Prior to his time at Havenly, Adam reminded the world that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” as he ran the digital marketing strategy for

Susannah Wardlow

susannah wardlow

customer operations

Susannah's personality type is a combination of "the helper" and "the loyalist". She is passionate about client happiness and is excited to be leading our customer operations team. She has a BFA from the University of Missouri and ran operations at a high volume photography studio prior to joining Havenly.

Susannah grew up in Kansas City and recently moved to Denver. She enjoys skiing, cooking and antique shopping. Also, she is obsessed with to-do lists, the 10 day weather forecast, golden retrievers and Pamplemousse (grapefruit) La Croix.

Cori Sue Morris

cori sue morris


As Havenly’s Brand Activation Director, Cori Sue leads brand strategy, marketing, events, and strategic collaborations. When she’s not dreaming up cool new creative partnerships for Havenly, you’ll find her training for another marathon, planning her next international adventure, or brunching with her girlfriends.

Cori Sue earned her bachelor’s in journalism from UNC Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!) and her master’s degree in international affairs from George Washington University, which she’s not using, but at least it was fun! Her decorating style is polished, feminine, and chic—she’s a sucker for a tufted sofa and a great bar cart.

Amy Langa

amy langa


Amy worked as a developer for another Denver start up before joining the Havenly team. She is excited to work in a place that combines her development skills with her love of interior design.

Amy plays guitar, sings and writes music, including a growing catalog of improvised songs about her dachshund, Ciao. She likes coffee, shopping for second hand clothes, cooking breakfast food, and chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.

Jacque Schaefer

jacque shaefer

customer operations

Jacque is from Eau Claire (clear water), Wisconsin, where she graduated with a BA from the University of Wisconsin. Go Badgers! She interned at Mass Challenge, a start-up incubator in Boston last year, which sparked her interest in being apart of a young and innovative company.

Jacque attended Interlochen Arts Academy for high school, and appreciates all types of art. She currently paints and throws pottery. She travels anytime she can and loves good wine (especially Prosecco). If she could be anyone for a day she would be Bill Murray.

Mara Love

mara love


As an Arizona native, Mara was in search of a fresh perspective—preferably someplace with four seasons. She moved to Denver in the fall of 2010 to pursue her bachelor degree in communications from The University of Denver before starting her career at Havenly. As the Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, Mara oversees Havenly's social media platforms, in addition to writing inspiring design articles for the blog!

When she isn't busy chatting up a storm on social media, you can find Mara at the latest and greatest Denver restaurants, practicing her 'ohms' at a local yoga studio, or in the comfort of her own home—coveting all things interior design. Mara's favorite things include Juju hats, Diptyque candles, and English daisies.